Q: Am I getting a hat with that BIG GAUDY COMPLETELY CREATIVE NW (Nogginwear) logo on it every month"
A: NO! We wouldn't do that to you although we would be ecstatic if you wanted it. Every month the hat will have a unique design on it that we so thoughtfully choose.

Q: Well, then what design will I be getting? 
A: That's the surprise! Our secret sauce so to speak. You will get a high-quality hat and we will choose the design...one we know you will like.

Q: What does Limited Edition Series mean?

A: We only make a certain amount of that hat which is a numbered series and when they are gone.. they are gone forever

 Q: What is the Limited Edition Artist Series and how does that work?


1-The Limited Edition Artist Series is a hat featuring the Artist work that we make in a limited quantity and a numbered series- when they are sold out, we do not reproduce

2-How it works is quite simple:

  • the artist provides their artwork to us
  • we design a hat from the artwork
  • we do a pre-order of the hat to determine interest with the artist pushing on their social network(as the natural customer will be their fan base), we put it on our social network and from that we gage demand and determine how to proceed based on pre-order demand
  • Are you an Artist interested in the program? Click HERE to view our contract

Q: How the subscription works: 
A: 1. You pick if you want us to be monthly or subscription based besties. 
2. We pick the design for the hat. 
3. You get a really cool surprise every month. 

A: Besides being made from our love to cover Noggins everywhere, our hats are made from a little bit of this and a little bit of that - but mostly that. Kidding aside it depends on the hat that month as it changes all the time. 

Q: How long will it take for my wicked cool hat to arrive? 
A: That is a great question- it depends on how well our teleporter is working. Really it depends on where you live - if you live next door to us we will just walk it over to you, if you are across the country (or across the pond), we will ship each month as soon as the hats get to our shipping gurus - we aim for the first week of each month - then it's up to USPS (or for our international friends we will use the best method we can - teleporter not available in all regions) when they hand you your box of goodies.

Q: Will my hat arrive the same day every month? 
A: Probably not- it depends on if we had our coffee that morning. We try to get them out the same time each month, but as we build each hat made to order it could vary by a week or so. See our shipping and delivery policies to learn more. 

Q: Can I buy a subscription or Limited Edition hat for someone else? 
A: No, that is totally against the law and a laser beam will shoot down from our satellite and disable your computer… OF COURSE YOU CAN, we actually highly encourage such a wicked cool gift. What better than giving a gift that keeps on giving?

Q: What if I hate my hat? 
A: Not a chance, never going to happen, nope (insert us crying here) we can't even imagine that remotely happening.

Q: All right if you really want to- How do I cancel my subscription? 
A: Okay, Okay as long as we can still be twitter friends and Instagram each other occasionally after we are done balling our eyes out trying to figure out why you hate us. Actually, we despise when it takes 14 steps and an act of congress to cancel so, being just like you we made it about as easy as it can get to log into your account and cancel. See our cancellation and refund policy for more specific instructions.

Q: Have a question we didn't answer? 
A: We so knew that would happen and are totally prepared with our magical hat 8 ball. You can ask us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email us at info@nogginwear.com. Because we dislike it when someone doesn't get back to us we will get back to you as fast as we can, seriously we are waiting by the computer right now .

Ah, GREAT question - our answer involved long algorithms and some quantum physics - but to put it as simply as I can: it's planning. If we know we are making a hat for someone ahead of time it costs us less to do so and we pass that cost savings on to our fabulous customers.